Spirit Boxes

Have you recently purchased a spirit box and wondered where to begin? This course will walk you through the functions and methods of several different styles and models of spirit boxes. PSB7, PSB7T, SB11-ANC, SBox, The NEW Onvoy, accessories and so much more.

Lead Paranormal Investigators, imagine if your entire team knew how to effectively use your devices without any training in the field.

Have You Ever...

  • Tried to use a spirit box with little to no results?
  • Had to train your team on how a spirit box works during an investigation?
  • Wondered the differences between spirit boxes?
  • Looked up the acronyms affiliated with spirit boxes?
  • Thought about best practices/methods to use with your spirit box?
  • Thought that using a spirit box was as easy as they make it seem on paranormal television shows?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

We'll walk you through all the configurations of multiple spirit boxes so you and your team can communicate effectively without any interruptions to your future investigations and collect accurate results relevant to your investigative spaces.

Intro to Stories in the Cemetery and Spirit Box Course

This course will cover several spirit box models, accessories, ITC devices and methods to use all of them.

Our Expertise

Stories in the Cemetery has thousands of hours using various spirit boxes in the field and teaching others how to use them effectively.

Stories in the Cemetery is an Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience in downtown Charleston, SC where we show experts and amateurs different methods of using paranormal equipment from Infrared Cameras to Thermal Imaging Cameras, spirit boxes, lasers, and more.

This expertise in the field does not grant us an "all knowing" ego. Instead, we take each investigation seriously and then send the results to our investigators for them to learn more about researching and investigating thoroughly. In the process, we also learn from this data and collection of possible evidence to find the most intriguing and exciting ways to confidently discover new evidence to learn from.

And now we're passing that knowledge to you.

This spirit box course is of special design with the highlights of features from different devices, along with the methods and accessories used to enhance them.

Spirit Boxes
Different Styles of Spirit Boxes

This course covers a multitude of spirit box models and functions.

Other ITC Devices
Other ITC Devices

This course also covers other ITC devices such as the New Onvoy device and Voice Recorders.

Spirit Box Accessories

Spirit Box Accessories

We'll also cover accessories for spirit boxes and other ITC devices like ANC attachments, Faraday cases, and more.

Peek Reviewer Audrey says:

"My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our paranormal investigation with Nick. Nick was very knowledgeable and had us captivated the entire evening while detailing Charleston’s lesser known history. Nick’s expertise and knowledge of the history and paranormal investigation tools we used was amazing. He went above and beyond to make sure we had an immersive experience and let us take on the investigating ourselves. While our particular night was light in terms of paranormal activity, the evidence we did collect was compelling and I’m so happy to have captured it. We will be coming back again, it was so fun and a great experience overall!"

A Trip Advisor Reviewer says:

"Stories in the Cemetery is not your normal/average ghost tour! Nick went to great lengths before, during, and after the tour to ensure a unique experience. I am amazed at how knowledgeable he is, and how much work he puts into planning these experiences. Our tour included the use of high tech equipment to capture data as part of a ghost investigation. Nick took time to ensure all of us knew exactly how to use our equipment. He provided plenty of factual background at each stop along the way, supplemented by his findings and research. It was refreshing and much appreciated to take a unique tour like this that utilized factual information about each stop along the tour, and did not rely on retelling some old ghost tales. Oh and the best part - the next day, Nick reviews and sends you all of the data collected by every person on your tour - video, audio, etc - and provides historical reference links to further substantiate the findings! This tour was the highlight of our trip to Charleston, and we most certainly will experience this tour again on our next trip back to this area."

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Lectures not yet published, but will be included in this course are the SBox Ghost Scanner, The Onvoy, Voice Recorders, Accessories, Word Generating Apps, and Researching your spirit box findings.

As this course is still in development, you will receive email updates when each new lecture is added and/or updated.